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The new generation of TORRENT cast iron boilers are in line with the most recent European Regulations and Requirements, and are available from 20kW up to 1400kW, in five different models, Sun, Galaxy, Matrix, Star & Megastar, Class A and B. TORRENT boilers are appropriate both for new, as well as for upgrading already existing installations, both for fuel oil and natural gas, thus ensuring energy savings and high performance.

Cast Iron Boilers highlights:

  • Maximum fuel efficiency

  • Rated efficiency over 104%

  • Certification according to ErP 2015

  • High quality cast iron boiler (body) GG20, according to DIN 1691 for maximum resistance to heat shocks and three complete exhaust gas routes in every element

  • Excellent thermal insulation with ceramic blanket, between 50mm and 90 mm, ensuring lower heat loss to the environment and increasing boiler efficiency

  • 3 different types of condensing exchangers including K-energy INOX 316L, TORRENT Glass & Totaleco INOX 316L

  • Environmentally friendly

  • Made in Greece/ Made in Europe

  • 10 years guarantee

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